FileMage Gateway

Connect file transfer protocols directly to your cloud storage in real time.

Connects file transfer tools to multiple cloud storage buckets.
Multiple Protocols
Upload and download using SFTP, FTPS, or plain FTP.
Seamless Experience
Browse and download in real time just like a regular file system.
Secure and Fast
Uploads are streamed in memory without writing to disk.
Easy Deployment
One click deployment from your cloud provider marketplace.
Bring your Own Storage
Transfer files directly into your cloud object storage.
Easy configuration
Configure using a intuitive web interface or HTTP API.
Runs in your network
Eliminates unnecessary data transfer costs by running in your network.
Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage and more.
Lets Encrypt
Automatically provision SSL certificates for your domain for free.

A drop in solution to migrate existing workflows into your cloud with minimal effort

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microsoft azure blob storage
Deploy from Azure Marketplace and get blazing fast FTP and SFTP file transfers to Azure Blob Storage.
Azure Blob Storage
add storage endpoints
Configure the buckets you want to connect to as storage endpoints.
assign users to endpoints
Add users and assign them to storage endpoints.
connect and browse
Connect to the server and browse as if the bucket was a regular file system.
FileMage Gateway web browser interface user and endpoint management.

One Click Deploy to Your Cloud

Billed Hourly by Instance Size

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