# Audit Logging

FileMage Gateway maintains a audit log of executed user commands. This makes it easy to see when and by who files are created or modified.


# Viewing Audit Logs

  • To view audit logs:

    • Click Logs in the sidebar.
  • To filter audit logs:

    • Click Add filter.
    • Select one of User, Path, or Operation.
    • Enter the value to filter by, the click Apply.
    • Repeat to add additional filters.
  • To remove a filter:

    • Click on the X next to filter tag.
  • To modify the date range:

    • Click on the date range on the top right.
    • Select a start date in the date picker.
    • Select a end date in the date picker.
    • Click Apply.
  • To export audit logs:

    • Click on Export. A JSON file be downloaded.

# Audit Log Retention

The number of days of audit events that are stored is controlled by the configuration parameter audit_retention_days. We recommend setting this parameter based your estimated workload and available disk space. On average, each 1 million audit events stored will consume 1gb of disk space.