# Installing FileMage Gateway on Microsoft Azure

FileMage Gateway, a FTP and SFTP server backed by Azure Blob Storage, is available on Microsoft Azure as a virtual machine (VM) image. This virtual machine image is fully functional upon launch and requires no additional configuration to use. However, you may need to make certain changes depending on your specific use case.


When deploying a Linux image, SFTP is running on port 2222.

# Deploying the VM from the marketplace

To quickly set up FileMage Gateway on Microsoft Azure, perform the following steps.

  1. Go to the marketplace listing page:

  2. To deploy from the marketplace page:

    • Click Get It Now.
    • Click Continue. You will be redirected to the Azure portal and may need to login to your account.
    • Click Create.
  3. Follow the prompts to configure a virtual machine then proceed to Getting Started


In order to connect to the Blob Storage service without using access keys, we recommend that users enable the System assigned managed identity setting in Management tab, and assign the role Storage Blob Data Contributor

# Add Virtual Machine Inbound Security Rules

  1. Log in to Microsoft Azure portal.

  2. Go to Virtual machines

    • Click the name of the virtual machine you want to configure.
    • Under Settings, click on Networking.
  3. Click the Add inbound port rule button.

  4. In the Add inbound security rule panel, specify the following settings:

    • Service. Keep the Custom value in the drop-down list.
    • Port ranges. Specify the following port range: 49152-65535.
    • Priority. This value determines the order in which firewall rules are applied. Rules with low priority are applied before rules with high priority. We recommend keeping the automatically assigned Priority value.
    • Name. Give the rule a recognizable name so you can tell it apart from others.
    • (Optional) Description. If desired, you can add the description to the rule.


You may use any port range, however 49152-65535 is the recommend standard port range.

  1. Click OK.

# Set Application FTP Passive Mode Port Range

  1. Add, or modify if already present, the following settings in the application configuration file:
ftp_data_port_start: 49152
ftp_data_port_end: 65535

FileMage Gatway is now configured to use a larger range of ports for passive mode FTP data connections.